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Toyota Celica Supra Mk I (1979-1981)

Toyota began the Japanese production of its Celica Supra model in 1978 and the car was brought to the United States in 1979. The first generation Supra had a lot in common with the Toyota Celica liftback, except that it was a bigger vehicle with an inline 6 cyclinder engine. Designed as a competitor to the popular Datsun 240Z, the model introduced the North American market to a small yet sporty "pocket rocket" concept. The car also made several technological breakthroughs including being the first Toyota model with electronic fuel injection (EFI). The Mk I versions of the Supra came with either a 5 speed manual or 4 speed automatic transmission and standard 4-wheel disc brakes.

Technical Details of the Toyota Supra Mk I

  • Years: 1979-1981
  • Make & Model: Toyota Celica Supra
  • Engines: 2.6 L SOHC generating 110 hp at 4800 rpm and 136 lb torque at 2400 rpm. 2.8 L SOHC generating 116 hp at 4800 rpm and 145 lb torque at 3600 rpm
  • Transmission: 5 speed manual or 4 speed automatic
  • Other Notables: Standard electronic fuel injection and 4-wheel disc brakes

Pictures of the Toyota Supra Mk I

1979 Toyota Supra